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Sunday, September 18, 2005

Grammar doesn't suck, you just blow.

Janet, mmhmmm, that's me, I'm a living BANG, a polished fang, it ain't no thang?

Something interesting to say might be that I threw up French food tonight. I'm really out of brains, sorry folks, I'll restock in the morning after dormirme para recubrirme and then some good ol' daily amphetamines. That's right, I am a true disciple of Eli Lilly and Company!
Sieg heil.

This is a picture of Kirby when he was taking a walk in China.

Whatever and ever amen,


At 6:16 AM, Blogger zack said...

sup dude.

yay for amphetamines! and yay for walks with kirby in china! next time you go on walks to china, give me a call on the flipside...what? yea so french food is delicious and to be honest im pretty upset with you for thowing it up. go to the neterworld janet, where you belong. JUST KIDDING. ok im gonna go now


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