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Monday, September 19, 2005

Ms. Smith says: Post 10 things you like and 10 things you dislike.
10 things I like, a list of 10 will not do my likes justice, but here we go.
1. People
2. Music
3. Animals
4. Um, boys?
5. Writing
6. Jack Kerouac
7. Piano
8. Spivey Hall
9. I have a list of interests in my user profile.
10. Ms. Smith

1. Pessimism


At 6:02 AM, Blogger Ryan said...

You are freaking nuts and I love that about you. I can't decide if you're crazier with or without your meth in the morning. Whatever, you make me laugh either way. Just don't die. Or explode.

At 6:19 AM, Blogger awestruck said...

I'm not sure what to think of your blog. It's well...interesting. I'm just kidding. I think it's very cool. I love that you love music and writing because I love both of those things too. I also love Ryan's comment..."I can't decide if you're crazier with or without your meth in the morning." Haha I hope he was just kidding. You're freaking crazy and you always have been!


At 11:39 PM, Blogger Geo said...

Do you think Kerouac had ADHD and that's why he kept flying back and forth over the country and ended up dying of alcoholism?

When I was young I loved K_______ specially On The Road. Then there was the madness in The Subterraneans after the sweetness of Dharma Bumbs and Desolation Angels.

The following is a poem I wrote in honor of Jack:

Angel Sandwich
for Jack KEROUAC

It was always American like this:
Climbing the imaginary ladder in the Fifties,
Underfoot, the fall into the pit,
No one ever knowing what for sure was there,
But certain it was not a paid-up mortgage
On the house or sleep between clean sheets
With wife by side.

Then the Angel came with dirty wings
And spit on sidewalks, wearing traveling clothes
For on the road. This is true. He so
Knew us that he told a tragic future in our ears
And, living it himself, he died by it.

And so we keep on climbing, fear full:
Sometimes a rage of winning keeps him back,
A victory in a shouting fit,
Score in a local bowling match,
Anything to keep us in the air above the pit
While we forget the dirty story that he told,
Buoyed up by manic faces in a tv screen
And wife by side.

Notice you've not posted in awhile. Hope you'e still alive and jiving.


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